3 removable trays with Black & red tool control foam for the Pelican 1535.

  • 3 tool drawers and foam for the Pelican 1535.(no case included).
  • Bottom 1.5" foam + 3 trays with foam + lid foam.
  • Comes with solid black Tool control foam, with separate red shadow bottom foam.
  • Tool foam is black cross link.

Listing includes: 3 Black foam drawer pieces 19.50" x 10.00" x 1.25" each (approx). Die cut to fit each drawer. Black foam is a 2lb solid(firm) cross link foam. 3 Red(sep) piece of foam, for the bottom of each drawer.(creates "tool Shadow"). 3 Molded plastic trays. 1 bottom solid 1.5"(approx) solid piece of foam with sep. red bottom. This foam is designed to stay in the case. Foam can but cut out or removed and used for storage. 1 Convoluted lid foam.

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